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PDU Cables

“PDU Cables power distribution cable assemblies are almost exclusively sold and installed into data centers or similar mission critical environments.  Power distribution cables are by definition an interconnecting power cable that brings power from a Power Distribution Unit (PDU) a remote power panel typically with circuit breakers overhead or under a data center floor to just below a rack or cabinet that houses dozens of servers.  These servers are plugged into a large power strip (rackmount PDU) and the rackmount PDU is then plugged into PDU Cables power distribution cable, thus completing the power circuit.  For failover purposes there are typically two power cables feeding each rack of servers.   Each power distribution cable sold is custom manufactured to the exact specifications of the data center, and the rack it is being used to power.  The power needs of each group of servers in a rack vary and as such each power cable will be different, with varying volt and amp configurations. Cost considerations and electrical wiring rules require that power cables are made to exacting lengths and each power cable is marked with labels identifying its components and power source and location within the data center.  Power cables are typically either manufactured on-site by in-house electricians, purchased from electrical contractors who manufacture in their own shops or bought as pre-fabricated assemblies (PDU Cables).  “

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