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Selection Software:   LG Lats

LG ‐ The right choice for the LEED® Generation. Multi V variable refrigerant flow air conditioning systems were developed specifically for sustainable commercial structures. Using R410A refrigerant and inverter driven compressors and fans, Multi V consumes power to get the job done and eliminates the need for chilled or hot water heat.

LG Electronics USA is a division of LG Group founded in 1947. LG Group is a widely diversified company comprising of thirty six business units manufacturing goods and providing services in the chemical electronics, telecom, lighting systems, consumer appliances, solar energy, and air conditioning. In July 2010 LG Group was ranked 67th in the Fortune 500® list of largest companies with revenue exceeding $100.5 billion, operations in over 60 countries, and employing approximately 186,000 worldwide.

Primary Benefits:
LG VRF systems have the lowest life cycle cost of any system on the market today. The benefits are numerous, modern style cassettes with mirrors for interior designers, less piping for contractors and energy efficiency for engineers. LG has industry leading tested sound levels, and manufactures all components within the VRF system, even the reliable proven scroll compressor.

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