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Why Haskris?

Unique Solutions for process fluid cooling

1. Tailored Products: Haskris does not promote a standard product line. Every process fluid chiller is designed to specification and built to order.
2. Engineering Team: Over 65% of the Haskris office staff are engineers and technical experts. This enables Haskris to produce the industry’s most innovative solutions and offer manufacturing lead times that maintain your competitive edge in the market.
3. Intensive Customer Support: Our customers choose Haskris because our value is not just inside the chiller; it is equally derived from our dedication to support services. We provide lifetime technical phone support, on-site field service, and full service maintenance contracts.
4. OEM Client Relationships: Over 80% of Haskris systems are sold to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) for resale. We are proud that we have never lost a major OEM in our 60+year history.
5. Low Volume Production Capability: Haskris is uniquely capable of designing and manufacturing truly tailored heat transfer solutions in low order volumes.
6. Fun: That’s right … fun. The fact is we enjoy what we do and it shows.


“You have exceeded our expectations and I sincerely thank you for the special efforts you made in support of this particular project—thanks for your creativity, your innovation, and your patience.”

Senior Design Engineer
International Pharmaceutical Co.
California, USA

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