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Critical Labs

Critical Labs is a Data Power Technology Group company providing software and services to critical infrastructure through advanced data science and robotics.

Machine learning has allowed companies to see insights into equipment operation like never before. Critical Labs’ flagship cloud-based software, the InfrastructureAI platform, allows companies to collect data from their equipment using our smart gateway and stream it to our cloud system. The data is then analyzed and allows customers to see insights such as potential gearbox failures in cooling towers and potential compressor failures in computer room air conditioners.

Too many customers wish they could see what the inside of their water tanks and basins look like without having to drain them. Draining takes time and sending divers into the water is both dangerous and expensive. Critical Labs provides use of our remote-operated-vehicle or ROV to swim into the water and provide inspection of the state of your tank or basin. The video is then collected from the ROV, analyzed by an expert, and provided in a report with our recommendations.

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