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Commercial Acoustics

Commercial Acoustics helps you make sound decisions with quality acoustical analysis, engineering and products. We manufacture all products to our standard specifications or to your specific, customized request. Our acoustical product applications include industrial noise control and HVAC noise control. We can attenuate noise from HVAC systems, building openings, ventilation systems, plenum equipment and industrial equipment.


Metal Form Manufacturing Company, the parent company, was founded in 1967 to meet the needs of the HVAC industry. Growth expansions included the addition of sound reduction, security and evaporative cooling products.

Primary Benefits:

Commercial Acoustics’ products are easily installed, sturdy and built-to-last. We offer a wide array of construction options including aluminum, stainless steel, natural fiber mold resistant acoustical fill and several types of linings ranging from acoustically transparent to completely impervious.

Innovative Products

Many other styles/options are available:

Rectangular Silencer:

Commercial Acoustics rectangular sound attenuators are manufactured in many varieties, module sizes and materials, including no-fill models and models that eliminate acoustical fill entrainment into the air stream. Engineered for commercial, industrial and institutional applications, including hospital and clean room systems. Options include heavier gauges, flanges, custom sizes and custom materials such as aluminum and stainless steel.
Acoustical Panels:

Commercial Acoustics’ modular acoustical panels are designed and pre-engineered to offer an acoustical, thermal, air tight and self-supporting HVAC plenum or equipment enclosure with easy job-site installation. Features include all G90 galvanized steel, welded construction, and independent laboratory testing to insure performance. Options include access doors, acoustical fill linings, solid/solid and ‘septum’ configurations as well as custom materials including aluminum and stainless steel.
Architectural Absorption Panels:

Commercial Acoustics’ Architectural Absorption Panels are designed for mounting to an existing wall or ceiling to reduce the sound levels by adding absorption to the surfaces in an architecturally pleasing manner. These absorption panels feature 2′ thick bagged acoustical fill with a thermal setting powder coat finish.

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