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Climate by Design Int’l

Climate by Design International (CDI), formerly Concepts and Designs, Inc. is a manufacturing company supplying desiccant dehumidification air handlers in commercial and industrial markets.


Climate by Design International originated in the basement of the founders’ home in 1989. It was their desire to provide customers with a broad array of custom HVAC options. This vision, combined with 14 years of HVAC industry experience, was the foundation for today’s thriving company.

Primary Benefits:

CDI provides a wide range of desiccant dehumidification technology, including active and passive wheels and combines them with high performance and custom air handling equipment. We have invested heavily in technology since its inception. Our projects are designed utilizing internally developed ‘Climate by Design’ software. This software program is used by our sales engineers and associates to configure and predict the performance of an air handling unit.

Innovative Products

Many other styles/options are available:

Model DH Packaged Dehumidifier:

The solid desiccant rotor absorbs moisture from process air. The moisture is taken out of the rotor by a second and separate reactivating airstream. This process enables the rotor to continually take moisture out of the airstream without interruption. The DH unit is a pre-engineered dehumidifier designed to be paired with a custom air handling unit (s) and allows for superior moisture removal without a low temperature chilled water loop.
Model MDH Make-Up Air Dehumidifier:

CDI designs custom desiccant air handlers to meet unique indoor air quality requirements. We offer maximum process volumes of 1,500 to 38,000 SCFM. In addition, total system integration is available, which allows you to include heating, cooling, enthalpy recovery, and special filtration in a custom designed air handler.
No Thru Metal Design:

CDI’s patented NTMª (NoThruMetal) cabinet is truly a ‘cabinet within a cabinet’ with pressure-injected, expanding polyurethane foam insulation.

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