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With a full line of filtration solutions Ð plastic, steel, disk or thread; manual to fully automatic; filtration levels from 3500 microns to 2 microns Ð Amiad offers filtration systems to meet nearly any need.

Every Amiad filtration system is built for efficiency, effectiveness and reliability. And every Amiad filtration system is backed by our commitment to customer service.


Founded in 1962, Amiad Filtration Systems has long been a leader in filtration technology. From massive industrial and municipal installations to sturdy home landscaping filters, Amiad has created solutions that water users in 70 countries rely upon for clean water.

Primary Benefits:

Tailor-made water filtration solutions for challenging industrial, municipal and irrigation needs. Our specialized systems are designed to effectively treat and filter the water according to our customerÕs specific requirements. Over the last 4 decades, Amiad Filtration Systems Limited has developed a range of compact, automatic, self-cleaning filters incorporating innovative technology.

Innovative Products

Many other styles/options are available:


Amiad develops water delivery systems for irrigation, treating and filtering the water according to the water source and the destination Ð direct to the farmer or to the fields. In addition, AmiadÕs systems for effluent water reuse ensure that all waste water can be treated and safely reused for the irrigation of fruits and vegetables.

Amiad is committed to successfully developing, manufacturing and distributing water treatment and filtration solutions for Potable Water and Wastewater in applications such as pre-filtration for MF, UF, NF and RO membranes, UV and tertiary treatment, and polishing. Amiad products and systems enable our clients to achieve their full potential for supplying clean water systems.

AmiadÕs durable solutions can be customized for a wide range of applications to meet the toughest climates, water conditions, and technical requirements. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise is built on years of experience, undertaking in projects around the world. Amiad provides water filtration products and systems as integrated components or as complete filtration solutions for water treatment, potable water, and wastewater; oil and gas plants; cooling towers and more.

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