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American Aldes

American Aldes provides a broad range of ventilation and airflow control products for commercial projects. Up to 40% of a buildingÕs energy consumption is a result of the load placed on heating and cooling systems by building ventilation and infiltration. American Aldes products can drastically reduce energy consumption and improve the overall indoor air quality. Precisely regulating airflow not only ensures high indoor air quality, it also minimizes the load on heating and cooling systems. More than a million American Aldes Constant Airflow Regulators (CAR-II) are already installed in commercial buildings throughout the United States.

Effectively zoning a space is all about managing the continuous and on-demand ventilation rates. American Aldes Zone Register Terminals (ZRT¨) are specifically designed to respond to the ventilation needs of the space. ZRTs introduce flexibility and dynamic control to central exhaust and supply/make-up air ventilation systems. Recovering energy that has already been paid for is a cost-effective technique, and Aldes Heat & Energy Recovery Ventilators (HRV/ERV) make it a smart ventilation choice. More and more, design engineers are choosing HRV/ERV technology to build sustainable ventilation systems that significantly reduce energy use.

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