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With a focus on UFAD (underfloor air distribution) products and services, AirFixture is in a unique position in the HVAC industry; a position to innovate and provide specialized knowledge and solutions for virtually any project requirements, in any climate.

The fact is, no two UFAD installations are the same. There will always be instances where even the most robust product offering cannot meet the requirements of a particular project layout. For these challenges, AirFixture is ready to provide customized solutions, including project management and design services to ensure your project’s success. Our expert sales engineers are prepared to provide ground-up assistance, from initial layout and product design all the way to onsite installation and commissioning oversight. With an experienced in-house engineering team and advanced testing lab, we are equipped to take your customized product from concept to reality. Finally, our project team is ready to provide accurate and detailed submittal services, including product sheets, cabling layouts, and installation manuals.

Whether you are designing and installing a new UFAD system, or looking to expand or upgrade your current one, AirFixture is prepared to stand by you every step of the way.

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