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Air Solution Company

Air Solution Company is a Manufacturer of externally mounted Cottonwood Filter Screens (commonly called Air Inlet Filters,Intake Filters, Equipment Protection Screens and Bug Screens). They are specifically engineered for use on cooling towers, air cooled chillers and condensers, rooftop units, louver panels and other HVAC air intake systems

Airborne debris is the leading cause of fouling and clogging of cooling towers, heat exchangers, air cooled chillers, rooftop units and other HVAC systems. In fact, billions of dollars are lost each cooling season to downtime, lost productivity, repairs, maintenance and excessive energy consumption. That is why in the early 1990Õs Air Solution Company developed and patented the first compatible Air Intake Filter specifically engineered to mount to the outside of cooling towers and other HVAC equipment for purposes of stopping the debris at its point of entry Ð So it doesnÕt cause operational or efficiency problems.

Since that time, Air Solution Company has introduced a variety of other innovative filter systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications including: Standard Duty Filters, Fine Mesh Filters, Dual Ply Filters, Roller Track Filter Systems, Frame & Track Filters, Pulley Mount Filter systems and Hail Guard Filter System.

Air Intake Filters Stop Debris Before It Gets Into Your System:
Cottonwood & Other Airborne Seed
Insects (lange & small)
Pine Needles
Harvest Chaff
Birds (Feathers, Nesting, Droppings)
Paper & Lint
Construction Debris
and Other Debris
Because of the critical airflow requirements on cooling towers, air cooled chillers and other HVAC systems, Air Intake Filters from Air Solution Company are specifically engineered to provide a fine balance between filtration performance and airflow to ensure optimal equipment performance and very little static pressure impact during operation.

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