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“Motivair has positioned itself as a unique entity in the global market.  We supply state-of-the-art cooling solutions to the manufacturing, life sciences, government, public sector, data center, financial and education markets with unmatched flexibility in design, innovation and speed to market.  Our management team is empowered to think outside of the box.  Innovate, Design and Apply are three principals that drive us forward each day. Our sixth-generation Free Cooling chiller technology presents continued opportunities for customers to reduce their carbon footprint while increasing chilled water plant system uptime.  Motivair now offers its Free Cooling technology in three separate product ranges spanning from 10-500 tons. As buildings across the globe look for additional ways to reduce power consumption, Motivair is leading the market with its Heat Recovery and Heat Pump chiller technologies.  In 2012 we set out to move the market with these technologies and now we are seeing the market embrace our forward thinking ideas. The Motivair ChilledDoor® continues its rapid growth within the Data Center market.  Our team of engineers has designed products that offer our customers new ways in which to cool their data centers and High Performance Computers.  ChilledDoors are now available to cool up to 100 kW per server rack in geometric sizes that suit any client around the world.  In 2016, Cray Inc., the global leader in Super Computers presented Motivair with its prestigious Outstanding Supplier Award.  Our Coolant Distribution Units have become the industry standard in both quality and capacity for moving fluid to computer cooling systems, such as on-chip and direct to chip and rear door cooling systems.”

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