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Mestek, Inc. of Westfield, MA and Dadanco Pty of Adelaide, Australia  formed a joint venture in 2007 to produce and market active chilled beams, induction units and induction diffusers for the North, Central and South  America.  From that point, Dadanco has grown to be one of the largest manufacturers of chilled beams, and one of the only manufactured in the United States.

Primary Benefits:

Dadanco products utilize a unit design of nozzle technology that allows their beam products to provide superior performance with low pressure drops and noise levels.  This nozzle design often allows the beam to have higher capacity than similar products, or equal capacity at lengths less than our competitors.

Innovative Products

Many other styles/options are available:

ACB40 Active Chilled Beam:

  • Traditional 2 way active chilled beam.  Integral cooling and/or heating coil, this beam can be selected as a 2 or 4 pipe unit.  Options are available for custom enclosures or painting and variable lengths.

ACB30 Active Chilled Beam:

  • This chilled beam allows for use with bulk head systems.  Beam can handle intake air from the side of a bulk head and deliver the condition air down through a diffuser in the ceiling.

FM Induction Unit:

  • Vertical induction unit with cooling and/or heating coil.  Custom enclosures available along with unique design criteria.

Infuser Unit:

  • Simply an ‘induction diffuser’ that uses special nozzles located in the underside of the air plenum to mix primary air (ducted from the central air handling plant) with secondary air that is induced from either the ceiling return air plenum (via *External entrainment) or room (via *Internal entrainment) to increase the total amount of air delivered to the space.

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