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An industry leader in protecting indoor air quality and occupant health, CosaTron has been using the same proven patented technology since 1958.

CosaTron manufactures a broad range of products that deliver flexible solutions to help mechanical engineers and building owners design systems that effectively control the most dangerous threats to our indoor air quality worldwide. Our technology is unequaled, reliable and proven to control and reduce the amount of contaminants in a treated space. Our family of products includes:

Series 1000 custom dimension systems for installation in air handling equipment.
Series 2000 standard dimension systems for installation in flanged housings for installation in standard sized duct plenums.
Series 3000 self-contained, fan powered systems for portable and ceiling concealed applications.
Series 4000 self-contained, packaged systems that mount directly on top of computer room air conditioning systems.
Light Duty Commercial Units are a smaller version of the Series 1000 designed to work with 3T and 5T air handlers.
Ceiling Lay In Units fit into existing drop ceilings.
Residential Systems

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