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ClimaCool¨ modular chillers are utilized in a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications such as cooling, heat recovery, geothermal heat pump and simultaneous heating and cooling.


ClimaCool Modular Chillers are manufactured by LSB Industries, as parts of a large line of HVAC products including ClimaCraft, ClimateMaster, and IEC. Manufactured since the mid 1990Õs, ClimaCool has grown to be a manufacturer of a complete line of modular chiller and heat pump systems.

Primary Benefits:

ClimaCool modular chillers offer many benefits that make for an easy install, while maintaining premium performance. Modular chillers offer the single best option for replacing large scale chillers that can not be replaced as a single piece due to space. ClimaCool has taken the application to another level by applying the space saving modular design with energy efficient heat pump technologies. ClimaCoolÕs SHC modular heat pumps allows for the production of simultaneous hot water and chiller water as well as incorporating a source loop such as a ground source geothermal system.

Innovative Products

Many other styles/options are available:


Modular design and fundamental features for basic water cooled chiller application: compact size, redundant operation, maneuverability, efficiency, reliability, and serviceability. Available in 30, 50, 70 and 85 tons which, when combined, tonnages can obtain specific project turndown and capacity requirements from 30 to 1,000 tons per bank while having the ability to accommodate future growth and expansion needs.

This Modular Platform is used for heat pump or heat recovery applications where hot water and chilled water are being produced by the same bank. These modules are available in conjunction with a source loop, as well as, available with internal valves for complete recovery between hot water and chilled water loops.

The ClimaCool Ultimate Chiller Solution¨, model UCR provides 30, 50 and 70 ton modules with remote air cooled condensers which, when combined, can obtain specific project turndown and capacity requirements from 30 to 400 tons per bank.

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