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Air Flow Equipment

Engineers and contractors depend on Air Flow Equipment, Inc. for the design, manufacture and installation of custom air-handling units. With a reputation for design assistance and manufacturing innovations, Air Flow Equipment, Inc. produces economical, energy efficient air_handling units that meet and exceed your requirements.


Established in 1985, Air Flow Equipment, Inc. has grown from a regional manufacturer of custom air handling equipment, to one with national and international interest. We attribute our growth to over 100 years of combined experience and dedication of our staff for their customers; they have been committed to quality products and service.

Primary Benefits:

Our team of skilled tradesmen, professional engineers and component manufacturers have produced thousands of air_handling units since its inception in 1985. Our goal is guaranteed satisfaction in our long_term relationships with customers.

Innovative Products

Many other styles/options are available:

Custom Indoor/Outdoor Air Handling Unit:

Provides a custom build air handling unit that will match dimensions, equipment sizing, performances, and capacities as required.
All components comply with (ARI) standard of heating and cooling coils, National Bureau of Standards, American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditions Engineers (ASHRAE), Standard of filters, the Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA), and ASTM E4777-73 standard for panel DIL and Transmission Loss.
ÒStandardÓ construction would be the following :

Unit Casing will be tongue and groove construction
Access doors will be where requested
Exterior wall panel will be a minimum 18 gauge galvanized
Interior wall panel will be a minimum 20 gauge galvanized perforated panel
Insulation shall be (4) pound density rigid mineral wool insulation with a thermal performance ÒR valueÓ of 8.4 for 2Ó and 16.8 for 4Ó
Triple sloped 16 gauge stainless steel drain pans meeting IAQ standards

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