Armstrong Pumps

Armstrong is a complete line of pumps and pump accessories including: commercial pumps, controls, CBVs, FTVs & suction guides, domestic & waste water, design envelope, heat exchangers, residential & light commercial hydronics, air & expansion control, HVAC packages, project services, fire pumps, and legacy products.


Since our founding in 1934 by Samuel Allan Armstrong, our company has pioneered an uncompromising range of products for customers in residential, commercial and industrial markets. From the very beginning, the Armstrong name has been a benchmark for quality in design, engineering and manufacturing.

Primary Benefits:

Drawing on decades of experience, our design teams are dedicated to a leading-edge development. ArmstrongÕs history of new product introductions is evidence of our commitment to innovation and a constant focus on meeting and surpassing the needs of our customers.

Innovative Products

Many other styles/options are available:

Vertical Inline Pump:

ArmstrongÕs vertical in-line pump represents a design innovation that has repeatedly proven its value over the past 30 years. Armstrong took a leadership role in improving the efficiency and utility of commercial pumps by designing and marketing the vertical in-line pump in the early 1970s.
Base Mounted Pump:

Armstrong offers a comprehensive range of based mounted pumps designed for a wide variety of applications. These base mounted pumps are single stage, end suction, radially-split centrifugal pump units featuring a self-venting casing to prevent air binding. Armstrong base mounted pumps also include heavy duty bearings that are sealed and lubricated for life, a Òback pull-outÓ bearing frame for easy removal, and a self-lubricating mechanical seal to prevent liquid seepage.
Horizontal Split Case Pump:

The Series 4600 is the state of the art Horizontal Split Case pump based on the ÒTilted PartingÓ concept to minimize turbulence at the eye of the impeller by its straight laminar approach, thus maximizing efficiency. This also results in the lowest profile and minimum floor space of any HSC pump, lowering installation costs.

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