PŘÍHODA s.r.o. belongs to the leading and largest manufacturer of fabric ducting and diffusers in the world! This company, which was established in 1994, is still owned and managed by its founder Zdeněk Příhoda. The company has undergone significant development over the years of its existence, as have the products is makes.


Zonit creates solutions for data centers

Located in Boulder Colorado, our products are the result of years of experience designing, building, integrating and moving data centers. We understand the interaction of facilities, building trades practice and information technology. We have dealt with data centers at every stage of their creation and lifecycle and this knowledge is a part of what allows us to create solutions that are uniquely suited to the needs and requirements of the data center manager.

Zonit Structured Solutions, LLC was created to focus on the further development of Zonit technology solutions and driving their adoption in the commercial, government and DoD markets.

What We Do

We develop and manufacture systems focused on data center power distribution (zPDS) and in-rack power redundancy with the “new” micro-Automatic Transfer Switch (uATS). Key areas in which we focus are:

• Power redundancy
• Highly efficient power distribution
• Patented three-phase power balancing
• Energy-saving green initiatives

Our ultimate goals are to help data center managers improve uptime, reduce operational costs, and improve sustainability by:

• Reducing energy consumption and minimizing wasted energy from power conversion losses
• Minimizing a data center’s carbon footprint
* Improving the efficiency of a data center’s power distribution
• Reducing associated labor costs

We offer patented systems & products that improve the efficiency of all types of data centers, including:

• Enterprise/Corporate data centers
• Web hosting facilities
• Cloud computing facilities
• Government data centers
• Containerized data centers
• Co-location facilities

We look forward to working with you!


VYCON flywheel technology systems offer reliable and green power capacity backup.  These flywheels offer very low maintenance, small footprint, and high reliablity to datacenters and all other mission critical facilities.  VYCON flywheels can be used in place of typical batteries for backup power, or can be paralleled with batteries for added redundancy and extended battery life.  Weather you need  a single flywheel for smaller applications or parallel multiple cabinets for larger systems Data Power Technology can help you make the right decisions for your installation.

Want to see how VYCON is using flywheel technology for energy recycling?  Click the link below or call Data Power Technology.

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Vertiv designs, builds, and services critical infrastructure that enables vital applications. From data centers to communication networks to commercial facilities – we’ve got you covered. We support today’s growing mobile and cloud computing markets with power, thermal, and infrastructure management solutions.

Trellis (Vertiv)

Whether your data center operations are large, small, remote or centralized, you need visibility, control and planning capabilities to support your business goals. Trellis™ platform is a powerful real-time infrastructure optimization platform that’s versatile enough to adapt to your changing needs. Modular and adaptive, it delivers visibility into critical infrastructure systems across your enterprise to optimize performance and support your evolution toward automation and software-defined management.

Power Quality International

We Deliver for You:

Lower cost of ownership:

  • Typical paybacks of 2-4 years with 30+ year product life and negligible maintenance
  • Avoided downtime and deferred capital expenditures due to reduced device failures

Improved power quality:

  • Significant risk mitigation through power system and load compatibility
  • Increased productivity and extended equipment life resulting from clean power conditions for the connected loads
  • Guaranteed power quality outcomes, including compliance with IEEE Std. 519-1992

Ease of implementation:

  • Smarter and faster decision making
  • Stakeholder confidence in the technical outcomes
  • Reduced administrative bottlenecks

We Do This By:

Utilizing proven, high-quality products:

  • Our products and solutions have been proven effective in applications where big-name manufacturers have failed
  • We offer a variety of products specifically designed to meet the unique needs of each industry
  • We insist upon the highest-quality materials to ensure consistency in efficiency and reliability
  • We have developed transformer efficiency testing protocols that limit measuring error to ±0.033%, as compared to the typical efficiency testing protocols (power-in – power-out) with measurement error of ±1.34% or greater

Leveraging our 40+ years of real-world experience:

  • Decades of solving some of the most challenging power quality problems has afforded us a unique understanding of which products and approaches are effective and which will expose facilities to significant risk of equipment failure
  • We have an unparalleled history of designing innovative patented and patent-pending power quality products
  • We pull from our varied experience base to find unique ways to minimize project costs

Applying our engineering expertise to assist you every step of the way:

  • We help engineering professionals and owners take a holistic approach to power quality with direct engineering support from professional engineers specializing in energy efficiency and harmonic mitigation
  • We have invested in tools to reduce typical time sinks, such as submittals and ROI analyses, to help streamline administrative and decision-making processes


Control Techniques is one of the world’s top manufactures in AC and DC variable speed drives (VSD).  Control Techniques has all your VSD needs covered from the smallest DC unit to a 200 horsepower HVAC drive.  Along with their variable speed drives they also offer monitoring and trending through their own software and communication cards available.   Control Techniques is celebrating 40 years of making drives designed specifically to meet the needs of consultants, contractors, and owners of commercial buildings.    Contact Data Power Technology to find out how to minimize wasted energy throughout your building today using one of Control Techniques products.


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Packet Power

Packet Power is a manufacturer of wireless power and environmental monitoring solutions designed specifically for data centers and other mission critical facilities.  They design hardware and software that makes it easy to gain insight into how your facility uses energy and manages heat.  By making products simple to install, configure, and manage, they make it easier and less expensive for you to get the information needed to lower costs, avoid outages, improve operational effectiveness and accurately allocate power consumption costs.

Geist (Vertiv)

Since supplying its first power hardware in 1948, the Geist brand has expanded into data center power, cooling, monitoring, and infrastructure management products that are designed to fit each customer’s specific needs. For over 60 years, the brand has dedicated itself to design and manufacture industry-leading technology and software for the four cornerstones of data center management: power, cooling, monitoring, and data center infrastructure manage (DCIM) while providing superior customer service.

Today, Geist joins Vertiv’s brand portfolio to further strengthen its position as a market leader in the Rack PDU industry, sharing the same vision to create more efficient and secure data centers around the world.


Why Haskris?

Unique Solutions for process fluid cooling

1. Tailored Products: Haskris does not promote a standard product line. Every process fluid chiller is designed to specification and built to order.
2. Engineering Team: Over 65% of the Haskris office staff are engineers and technical experts. This enables Haskris to produce the industry’s most innovative solutions and offer manufacturing lead times that maintain your competitive edge in the market.
3. Intensive Customer Support: Our customers choose Haskris because our value is not just inside the chiller; it is equally derived from our dedication to support services. We provide lifetime technical phone support, on-site field service, and full service maintenance contracts.
4. OEM Client Relationships: Over 80% of Haskris systems are sold to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) for resale. We are proud that we have never lost a major OEM in our 60+year history.
5. Low Volume Production Capability: Haskris is uniquely capable of designing and manufacturing truly tailored heat transfer solutions in low order volumes.
6. Fun: That’s right … fun. The fact is we enjoy what we do and it shows.


“You have exceeded our expectations and I sincerely thank you for the special efforts you made in support of this particular project—thanks for your creativity, your innovation, and your patience.”

Senior Design Engineer
International Pharmaceutical Co.
California, USA