Whalen Company

From a unique initial concept in riser heat‐exchanger systems, The Whalen Company has developed a family of products to meet the needs of residential and commercial building industries in the construction of hotels, apartments, condominiums and other multi‐story buildings.

The unique advantages of the riser heat‐exchanger system are derived from the transfer of field labor into a closely supervised factory environment. Here cabinets, wiring, piping, and insulation come together. The completely assembled product offers both economy and top quality to the user.

Riser heat‐exchanger fan‐coil system‐ an innovation of The Whalen Company in the early 1960s. Our success has attracted many imitators through the years, but none come close to the depth and breadth of the Whalen experience with this type of system.

Primary Benefits:
• Elimination of brazed joints within the unit.
• Low maintenance (filter change only): No valves,
permanently lubricated motors
• Small footprint: Smallest on the market
• Lower pumping costs: Elimination of system resistance caused by valves trains, coils and runout piping.
• Humidity Control: Face and bypass dampers
• Quiet Operation
• Aesthetics: Aluminum Grilles ‐ No unsightly steel panels or access openings


Vertiv designs, builds, and services critical infrastructure that enables vital applications. From data centers to communication networks to commercial facilities – we’ve got you covered. We support today’s growing mobile and cloud computing markets with power, thermal, and infrastructure management solutions.

YORK (Johnson Controls, Inc.)

Johnson Controls manufactures HVAC equipment that is applied through out a normal building. At the core, JCI Chillers produce chilled water in ranges from 15 tons up through 6,000 tons. On the airside, JCI XTI air handlers are a semi‐custom line of modular air handlers that provide a large application range and superior construction. Once in the space, JCI VAV boxes, fan coils, and underfloor products deliver the air out to the end user. In addition to traditional chilled water system products, JCI also manufacturers a full line of package air handlers for your projects.

United Enertech

Available products include everything from opposed blade dampers, zone dampers, gravity backdraft dampers, and remote control dampers, to storm proof louvers, rain driven louvers, wind driven louvers, and more. Architectural grilles, roof vents, and louvered vents are also available.

SPX Cooling Technologies

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Marley/SPX Cooling technologies provides the highest quality evaporative cooling towers, fluid coolers, and evaporative condensers to deliver systems and water saving strategies to help achieve your sustainable building goals.


Our product offering includes: gas-fired, unit heaters and duct furnaces; gas-fired, low-intensity infrared heaters; direct- and indirect-fired make-up air handlers and indirect-fired air turnover units. We manufacture some of the best known brands under the trade names CORAYVAC®, ULTRAVACTM, VANTAGE®, CARIBE®, GORDONRAY®, BLACKHEATTM and COMBAT®, ROBERTS GOR‐ DON®.

Sigma Corporation

Sigma Corporation is a manufacturer of commercial and industrial HVAC equipment including Wallfin, Convectors, Propellorized Unit Heaters, Cabinet Unit Heaters, Valance as well as Radiant Ceiling Heating and Cooling Products.


SEIHO International, Inc. is a manufacturer of contemporary designs of Diffusers, Nozzles, Grilles and Registers, such as aluminum Spot Diffusers, aluminum Turbo Nozzle diffusers, double deflection Round Registers and aluminum / stainless steel Vent Louvers. Our products are manufactured in state of the art production facilities in Los Angeles, California and Tokyo, Japan.

Recold (SPX Cooling Technologies)

The Recold brand continues to provide high‐quality evaporative cooling products that deliver true long‐term value. The Recold line of forced draft towers are designed and manufactured using the finest components to deliver years of rugged performance.

Sentech Corporation

SenTech’s IR‐SNIF and SSG Monitoring Systems feature “advanced” Infra‐ red‐based active air sampling technology which offers the broadest choice and the most reliable refrigerant gas and fire suppression system, and leak detection equipment available in the industry. SenTech’s Environmental Monitors are distributed via a nation‐wide network of design‐build engineers, contractors, wholesalers, and authorized distributors.